Tactical combat where only the best strategist will win


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Gunswords is a turn-based strategy game where you face other players in intense PvP battles in a futuristic new sport called Gunswords. Whoever has the best strategy will win.

You can choose from three different character classes: swordsmen, gunmen, and wizards. As you'd expect, each has advantages over the others. Swordsmen, for example, are unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat, while gunmen are the best choice for attacking from a distance. Wizards, on the other hand, are ideal as support units.

When preparing for a battle, you can equip your troops with more than 15 different types of weapons, including swords, guns, giant hammers, assault rifles, chainsaws, sniper rifles, etc. – not to mention the various special skills and the wizards' spells, both offensive and defensive.

Each weapon has up to 10 improvements that let you customize it and make it increasingly deadly. With some weapons, you can even do special moves to knock back your enemies.

Gunswords is a fun turn-based strategy game. Behind its great visuals is a great gameplay that's sure to delight fans of this genre. If you like the combat system in games like Heroes of Might and Magic, this one is definitely worth your time.
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